The Zodiac Signs As Sex Positions
Sex|Jun 9, 2021

The Zodiac Signs As Sex Positions

This Australian Artist's Ilustrations Envision Every Zodiac Sign As Lovers.
Lara McKenzie

Australian artist Lara McKenzie, or Wet Strokes as she's more commonly known, is an erotic watercolour artist who has created a stunning series of illustrations called 'Sex Through The Zodiac'. In this series, the artist (who trained in astrology) reimagines each of the Zodiac signs as lovers, giving us a new appreciation for the mythology of astrology.



"The Athlete"


The pioneer. The champion. Living through doing. Aries loves a challenge. They can be assertive, go getting, crusading, enthusiastic, direct, spontaneous, energetic. They dive into life head first!



“The Sensualist”


Food. Wine. Beauty. Earthly pleasures. Then repeat! Taureans are very sensuous, attractive, affectionate and artistic creatures. They have a calm, stabilising and unruffled energy. They are very tactile and love to explore and enjoy what life has to offer through their five sensors. Strawberries and whipped cream anyone?!



“The Dirty Talker”


Versatile. Flexible. Mobile. Adaptable. Gemini lives through communicating.they are witty and perceptive, and can see both sides of a situation. They have great imaginations and are quite capable of juggling multiple tasks!



“The Giver”


Curious and dreamy, nurturing and caring. Cancer is an intuitive, sensitive and skilled lover.tender and protective. Enchanting and empathetic. Emotionally encouraging and dependable. Cancer loves giving and pleasing their partner.



“The Royal”


Leos shine just like the sun. Powerful and influential. Confident. Generous. Commanding. Self expressive. Fiercely loyal. Flamboyant. Leos have an inner glow that attracts attention. Warm and bright, you’ll find Leos in the spotlight with a royal like glow. They are passionate, playful, risque and suggestive… Watch out, as Leo’s love to pounce!



“The Tantric Alchemist”


Masterful. Highly skilled. Observant. Meticulous. Thoughtful. Lively mind. Precise. Methodical. Discriminating. Purist. Perfectionist. Sexy imagination. Taking sex to a higher level, why not explore tantric sex?



“The Lover”


Living through relating and balance. Ruled by Venus the goddess of love. Aesthetic, graceful, peaceful, calm. Social, popular, idealistic, attractive, diplomatic, indulgent. Natural charm. Harmonious. Loves to please. Sensual, adventurous, open-minded. Highly erotic. Master at teasing. Librans like to taste many different flowers to arrive at the perfect honey! 



“The Mistress”


Intense. Passionate. Dynamic. Powerful. Loyal. Magnetic. Strong and deep. Living through desiring. Pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand with Scorpios. Lovemaking is an all or nothing affair. Very primal and dominant/submissive in the bedroom. Did I miss anything out Scorpios?!



“The Thrill Seeker”


Living through seeking. Sagittarius are always looking for an adventure in an out of the bedroom! Enthusiastic. Experimental. Stimulating. Positive. Open and honest. Looking for new opportunities and adventures… Always! Freedom and space are a sensual. Loves to explore fantasies. Spirited, feisty and kinky!



“The Leader”


Ambitious. Industrious. Success driven. Straightforward. Living through building. Excel at all things in life. They will achieve anything they set their mind to. Capricorn like to take the reins. Insatiable and tieless lovers. Reaching for new heights in life and love.



“The Rebel”


Original. Inventive. Individual. Quirky. Broadminded. Free thinking. Free loving. Humanitarian. Freedom fighter. Non conforming. Living through liberating. They are very versatile, passionate and romantic lovers.



“The Dreamer”


Highly provocative and sultry. Very receptive. High sensitivity and empathy. Romantic. Mysterious. Fascinating. Devoted. Selfless. Wise. Compassionate. Sex is a spiritual endeavour. Pisces takes sex to a new level of consciousness. 


See more of Lara McKenzie's work on her website and on Instagram.