This Diary Is A Game Changer For The Australian Adult Industry
Sex|Mar 23, 2022

This Diary Is A Game Changer For The Australian Adult Industry

Take Control Of Your Finances With This Diary Organisers From My Redlight Life.
Penthouse Staff

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, and the Australian adult industry slowly emerges from its pandemic-induced hibernation to play again, many workers are still reeling from the financial impacts of having had to slow down or cease work entirely.

With life starting to return to normal and workers returning to the industry, there has never been more important time to take control of your finances and plan for the future.

Coady Banks, creator of My Redlight Life, has created a series of diary organisers to help sex workers and dancers organise their money, without the stress that can come with financial plan.

Coady, who has been involved in the adult industry for over a decade as a worker herself, says “The reason I have chose to create this diary organiser to be available for all adult workers is because I have experienced success using this!”



“Security-Health-Wealth and achieving your goals is what ‘My Redlight Life’ is all about Because I believe every worker deserves success and a positive experience within their adult industry journey,” she says.

The diary organisers are currently available in print form (and soon to be in app form), and assist workers in keeping track of upcoming and past bookings, as well as earnings throughout each shift, putting your finances all in one place so that it makes life easier when you visit your accountant.

The book also includes additional sections for goal setting, client gift list, money management and budgeting, client lists, wellbeing checks, monthly calendars and checklists, and booking worksheets designed specifically for independent workers, establishment workers and dancers.


While diaries and logbooks like this one from Redlight Life are notorious for being banned in some clubs, they are a vital tool for establishment workers and dancers to keep track of their earnings to ensure there is total transparency and no confusion when it comes to being paid correctly at the end of each shift.

If you’re a client or know people who work in the adult industry, show your support and gift a diary to someone who might find it useful, and give them the heads up about My Redlight Life’s app.


Check out My Redlight Life diary organisers here

Sign up to a free 7 day trial of My Redlight Life’s new app for adult workers when it gets released here.