What is Ahegao and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?
Sex|Oct 26, 2020

What is Ahegao and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?

Ahegao Is The Drooling Cross-Eyed Internet Phenomenon That No One Needed.
Amie Wee

Introducing the internet’s newest fetish – Ahegao: a facial expression characterised by crossed eyes, a dangly tongue, blushing cheeks and a curious combination of snot, drool and tears. Essentially, its wearer ends up looking like they’ve licked a cane toad trying to get high but ended up in a hectic K-hole instead.

Ahegao (pronounced ah-heh-gah-oh) originated in the 1990s and is an abbreviation of the Japanese word ‘Aheahe’ – which means to moan or pant from physical exertion or sexual arousal.

According to Khursten Santos, an Asian studies researcher at the University of Wollongong in Australia, the point of ahegao is to “exaggerate the orgasmic face to show that the character is receiving an orgasm beyond normative notions of pleasure.”

Basically, the facial expression is meant to depict someone who has lost control and given themselves over to orgasm. They’ve essentially been fucked silly.

While it’s not a particularly flattering look for its wearer, ahegao has gone viral, having even made its way into mainstream culture. Reddit’s ahegao-related subreddits have reached over a quarter of a million followers thanks to manga-nerds and cosplay-geeks fantasising over shagging lolita-esque cartoon characters until they cum so hard their face contorts and they lose their basic faculties.

Internet cosplayer and nerd-bait, Belle Delphine, has even managed to make a career off the back of her crossed-eyes and tongue-wagging pics.

Each to their own, but I’ll stick with the K-hole thanks.