Bring Out The Laser
Tech|Feb 23, 2021

Bring Out The Laser

The Latest Development in 4K TVs Means You'll Never Have To Fork Out For The Cinema Again
Penthouse Staff

Hisense may have started out as a Whitegoods producer in China nearly 70 years ago, but it has transformed into a leader in high-end electronics.

A recent addition to its catalogue is the game-changing L5, a pioneering piece of technology that offers perfect 4K, Ultra HD imagery on a 100-inch screen, with the goal to introduce the ultimate cinematic experience to people within their own homes. 

A JBL Cinema Sound System provides surround–sound quality usually reserved for multiplex cinemas, offering a truly immersive experience with everything you watch. 

The high-end home cinema also features a dual–colour laser that sharpens everything you see on screen, reducing the risk of light dispersion while offering a more natural viewing experience. 

This means it actually adapts to its surroundings, so you always have the best, sharpest image displayed right in front of you. Moreover, a VIDAA operating system brings it in line with the plethora of Smart TVs that are currently on the market. 

Users can also gain instant access to providers such as Stan, Netflix and iView as well as Freeview TV without the need to cast from your phone to an exterior Chromecast or Firestick.  

Being a market leader in home TV does come at a cost, however. The most recent version of the L5 is available for $6,999, but all things considered, it might just be a bargain as you will never need to fork out for a trip to the cinema again.