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Visiting Melbourne is enhanced in every way by with the companionship of a sexy Melbourne escort. The stunning Melbourne escorts affiliated with Penthouse will relaxed your outlook and leave you with the most erotic of memories to remind you of your sexual exploits with private escorts Melbourne.

If you're searching for a companion for the night to play out an erotic whim, Melbourne escorts listed on Penthouse are sure to oblige . Many a man has been enchanted by skilled charms of Melbourne private escorts.

Browse the gallery of escorts Melbourne refining your search by desires or your wallet. Wether you have a few hours or lucky enough to spend a day or two with one of the private escorts Melbourne they will quench your personal desires

Spend a couple of hours with a Melbourne escort will refresh your inhibitions and awaken your libido. If you've been out experiencing a hot Melbourne private girl you have booked through Penthouse no doubt you will finish the night on a high note. If your out to impress your colleagues or friends and ensure you have the night of your dreams a Melbourne private escort, watch your friends jaw drop in awe when they see a model hanging off your arm and even more impressed when they see you take her back to your hotel.

Penthouse Private escorts Melbourne directory brings together the best Melbourne Escorts into one huge searchable gallery of delights.

Getting caught up in a boring routine life or a bland sex life can make your stress levels skyrocket. Set up a meeting with sexy Melbourne escorts listed on Penthouse and redefine the meaning of fun in your life. Forget all about your stress with vivacious private girls affiliated with Penthouse and enjoy the evening filled with passion and desire.

The best thing about the private Escorts Melbourne affiliated with penthouse is their ability to strike engaging conversations and freeing you of all the awkwardness adjunct before meeting an escort. Find yourself sinking into the seductive charms and elegance of lush escorts in Melbourne.

Leave behind all the stress and fatigue of a tough week and loosen up with escorts in Melbourne that use advanced erotic massage techniques to provide unwinding, steamy experiences that make you come back for more. Ladies affiliated with Penthouse are also goddesses of foreplay that help you discover and explore your body. Get the most out of your sexual encounters with our private girls with a long and steady build-up to a climax that leaves you satisfied and enraptured with pleasure.

Melbourne escorts listed on Penthouse also offer special experiences that leave you mesmerized and overwhelmed with passion and pleasure.

The Girlfriend Experience - Speciality of Escorts in Melbourne

The Girlfriend Experience is the service that we get the most inquiries for. The reason- Who wouldn’t want to know more about the relaxed experience where the sensual night slips unrushed with one of our elegant Melbourne escorts.

Our escorts in Melbourne appreciate the clients that share the liking for the experience that starts with hanging out and builds its way to amazing sensual experiences. The GFE also promotes valuable companionship and thoughtful conversation which makes the sexual exploits that follow more sensual and uninhibited.

The Girlfriend Experience starts with a proper date night, filled with innocent excitement and anticipation of meeting the beautiful Melbourne Escorts who create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps you have an amazing time and build up to intimacy organically. Escorts in Melbourne are breathtakingly beautiful and elegant that help you create lasting erotic experiences that you want to go back to time and time again.

Melbourne Escorts Offering The Pornstar Experiences

All of us have some experiences that slowly turn into fantasies that are very special to us. Melbourne escorts listed on Pethouse give you a safe space to share these fantasies and bring them to life. These playdates are wild and beautiful from head-to-toe, are perfect to live these fantasies with.

Melbourne escorts offer their clients the ability to live out the fantasies and let them experience the “ideal” of sexual availability. Spend a night with a beautiful escort in Melbourne dressed as a schoolgirl or covered in leather from neck to bottom. Reach the climax with an exceptional Melbourne escort that will tease your way to ecstatic experiences.


Teasing is the most superior form of seduction. Each of our playdates makes sure that your every sexual exploit with them exceeds all expectations. Our Melbourne escorts have mastered the ways of seduction and as they gradually peel their dresses off sensually you will be filled with passion and desire.

These are just some of the many erotic experiences that they can provide you. Each of our Melbourne escorts weaves these experiences with passion and seduction that help you make the most memorable experiences of your lives.

Our pool of premium and reliable playdates brings together the best Melbourne Escorts into one huge searchable gallery of delights.

Melbourne Escorts Etiquette

Escorts in Melbourne are all about providing luscious experiences by taking care of every aspect of their dates with clients. From how lovely they’re dressed to how mesmerizing they smell, ladies listed on Penthouse Playdates are always impeccably groomed, dressed, and mannered. Head out with ladies as sophisticated as yourself and turn heads when you walk with them.


With the pool of sultry Melbourne Escorts that are with us, we have some expectations from our clients as well. You will find our ladies well-dressed and all curried up and it would be unfair to them if we did not expect the same from you. If you follow the unspoken rules of cleanliness and hygiene, our escorts in Melbourne will be able to provide you with a gratifying companionship and moreish erotic experiences.


When you treat our ladies listed on Penthouse well, our Melbourne escorts leave you transfixed onto the memories of the amorous sexual escapades you have with them. Treat our ladies with unquestionable respect and prepare to have your eyes roll their way into the ocean of pleasure.


Take a refreshing shower, wear some aftershave, put on clean and crips clothes, and come on your date as the best version of yourself. Our escorts in Melbourne feel treasured and precious when their clients are neatly groomed with perfect personal hygiene. Come as the handsome guy with a charming smell and ensure lasting experiences for yourself and our ladies.


Would you live at the fullest and be totally immersed in the moment while having one of the most amazing experiences of your life or rather be intoxicated? This is another thing to keep in mind while meeting your Penthouse Playdate on a date. Greeting our ladies intoxicated not only ruins the experience for our sophisticated Melbourne escorts but also for you. The ladies listed on Penthouse are playful and ecstatic enough to eliminate the need for a drink. Meet our ladies sober and see if the night lets you take a drink or not.


Our ladies do not finalize a date just because of a financial gain and ensure that your night and money will be well spent. Escorts in Melbourne will only set a date with you if they believe that genuine feelings of ecstasy and pleasure are likely to occur. Hold the deal at your end by making the payment at the beginning of your time together and eliminate the incredible awkwardness that comes with your date asking you for it.


Our escorts in Melbourne enjoy the gentle and suave companionship of distinguished gentlemen that are very careful about stepping on boundaries. Ask their consent for the playful and wild things you want to do to them tastefully, and our elegant girls will quench your deepest desires if they want to entertain them. Make our ladies enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs and establish long relationships of mutual pleasure and enjoyment.