Between Shadows

Photographer Thomas AgatzLina


"I want to show that nudity can also be seen as art."


Lina is no stranger to the camera. The Russian TV host and singer is used to being filmed and photographed on the daily, but never quite like this. For her debut Penthouse shoot, and first ever nude shoot, Thomas Agatz has captured a more intimate side of Lina.



How did you get into modelling?

I never set out to be a model. I always thought that modelling was boring! I got into it because I’m a singer and television host, so it was a result of my careers.

What inspired you to get nude for Penthouse?

Shooting nude is something I’ve always wanted to try. I always try to be more free and open, and I’m always growing. Plus I want to show that nudity can also be seen as art.

How did you and Thomas Agatz become connected?

I had seen Thomas’ photos on Instagram before, so I contacted him and asked if he would shoot me. I had to go to Denmark for music business, so we organised the shoot around that and ended up shooting at his house in Odense.

What was the shoot like?

Cold! We shot outside in Winter – it was freezing.  Thomas told me I wouldn’t be able to stay outside without any clothes on for more than a few minutes… but I managed. I probably could have lasted another half an hour. I’m not afraid to work hard during a shoot to get results.



How was the experience of being nude in front of the camera for a change?

I’m also a TV host and singer in Russia, so I’m comfortable with being in front of the camera. Everything we shot felt so natural that it didn’t feel like I was even naked. I felt so at home in his studio. When we were done, I asked him if we could keep shooting. I knew we had great pictures already but I didn’t want to rest. I’m unstoppable.

Do you prefer shooting in a studio or outdoors?

I love both, but I’d have to say that I prefer shooting outside. There’s more life and it just feels more natural. 

What something we might not expect about you?

I have a University degree in Philology. I’m also really passionate about tennis and dancing.

What’s a motto you live by?

Do everything you can today as tomorrow might be too late. Anything is possible.

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to become the new Bond girl! 

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