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There's something really special about being nude in nature.


Anna Lisa ticks all the boxes. She’s gorgeous, loves rope bondage, ‘tasty weed’, Mario Kart and being naked. She lives in the deserts of Arizona, and tells Penthouse she got her big break as a teenager when she was scouted at a concert. By the time she turned 18, she had signed with an agency and was being flown to modelling gigs around the world.



What is it about nude and erotic photography that you’re drawn to?

Art has always been my main focus in my nude work. Early on in my career I was drawn to the work of Man Ray, Newton, Penn and other prolific photographers that pushed the boundaries in what was deemed “acceptable” in eyes of society. Artists and painters also, like Schiele and Klimnt have left an impression. As I’ve grown older, the work of female creatives like Woodman and Gentileschi have grasped my attention. 

What’s been your most memorable photoshoot so far?

My shoot for my USA Penthouse cover was a treat! The team were great and we had such an awesome time cruising down Route 66, pulling over at abandoned rest stops and shooting all along the way. I remember stopping at an old diner to grab some food and so I could change into a different outfit. After lunch, we got a few shots in and then before I knew it, there was woman threatening us to get off her property before she called the cops. We obliged of course, and hopped back into the car with a little extra adrenaline for the road. 

Do you prefer shooting in the studio  or outdoors?

I love hiking and spending time in the sun so I definitely prefer the latter. There’s something really special about being nude in nature. There’s an energy outdoors that can’t be replicated anywhere else. When you manage to tap into it, I’ve found you get some really lovely yet powerful imagery. 

Tell us about your shoot with Cams Journal for Penthouse.

We shot this set at a beautiful home in Los Angeles. The sun was out and we had about an hour or so to shoot before I had to leave LA. Cam and I had shot once together before, back when we both lived in NYC. We always have really great conversations about the industry, where we are in life and where we see ourselves going in the upcoming years. Cam is very passionate about what he does, as am I. We’re a great team when we get the chance to work together. 

What’s something about you that people don’t expect?

I’m really good at Mario Kart and I’ve been known to get extremely competitive when racing. I also really love Shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage. I occasionally perform with friends, but due to COVID-19 I’ve been practicing my own self ties at home. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I shoot my own film photography, travel and visit friends (when I can), hike, and read. I also like to relax with a hot bath and some tasty weed. 

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