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I'm a girl who takes life's pleasures seriously.


Jaida Trewitt is wise beyond her 19 years. Born and bred in Perth, the gorgeous 19-year-old model tells Penthouse she’s ready to leave her hometown and spread her wings. Judging by her ease and undeniable glow in this photoset by Victor Oishei, it’s obvious that Jaida has a bright future ahead of her.



How did you get into modelling?

I’ve always been surrounded by creative people with vivid imaginations, so I volunteered to help them come to life by modelling for them. It turns out that modelling is really fun, and it’s a great feeling seeing the final images. I’ve kept at it and it’s quickly become a passion.

What inspired you to focus on nude photography?

Nude photography is beautiful to be a part of. The human body is an amazing thing to ponder and admire.

Tell us about your shoot with Victor Oishei for Penthouse. 

I hadn’t met Victor prior to the shoot, but I had admired his work on Instagram. I love art and photography that’s a bit different, leaving the viewer with some space to think, and I got that vibe from Victor. I reached out to him to collaborate. We shot at his house. I remember walking in and talking a lot because I do that when I’m nervous about meeting someone. Victor was very grounded and talked me through his ideas and concepts, allowing me to breathe, slow down and create some beautiful art together. 

How did you feel during the shoot?

I felt fierce and glowing. The sun was streaming in beautifully, giving me life... and from there I easily flowed with the shoot and felt I embodied the divine feminine. I don’t think of modelling as work – it’s more of a feeling. It feels sexy, but it’s my sexy. I own it. It’s for me.



Most memorable modelling memory so far?

During my second shoot ever, the photographer and I were in a river notorious for its presence of sharks. I could have sworn I saw a fin while I was in the water. I ran for it! It was an exhilarating and a fun time, and to this day I still believe I saw a shark.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to laugh with my friends, run in the ocean, watch movies, watch the sunset and write poems. People inspire me to write, create and smile.

What’s a motto you live by?

Something I say to myself and my friends is, “It’s all about balance”, and it’s true. In this crazy, sometimes chaotic world, we need to remember it’s also balanced by the happiness, peace and tranquillity we’re yet to experience, and the liberation we feel when we are present.

What have you got coming up that you’re excited about?

Being in Penthouse! I’m looking forward to spreading my wings and shooting with amazing photographers in the future. 

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