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Nudity to me is normal. I think the human body is beautiful and should be appreciated


The temperature has dropped and the winter chill is in full force, but this photoshoot of Melbourne model Emily Rackham has us feeling extremely hot under the collar. Everyone knows that body heat is the ultimate way to stay warm during the cooler months, especially when it involves the skin-on-skin kind. So shed those layers, bundle up in bed and hibernate with the gorgeous Emily for the season.



What was it like shooting with Jai (Pineapple Supreme) for Penthouse?

Shooting with Jai is always an absolute joy, he is an incredibly talented photographer and also a very close friend. We shot this set in a beautiful four storey house in St. Kilda. Jai and I have a very similar taste in images we like and always have a clear idea of what we want to achieve. 

What do you enjoy about nude photography? 

Nudity to me is normal. I think the human body is so beautiful and should be appreciated. Nudity is so sexualised instead of it being artistic and expressive.



Have you always been comfortable with nudity? 

Not at all. I’m in a much better headspace than I used to be, but I think like anyone we all have our insecurities and down days. But I have learnt to appreciate my body and love it for what is gives me.

What has been your most memorable photoshoot?

This shoot for Penthouse was specifically memorable as it was in the small break we had between lockdowns in Melbourne. So, it was really refreshing to shoot this one.

What attracts you to someone?

I have a weakness for kind eyes and a warm smile but for me someone who is kind, funny and wants to have fun. Creativity is another really strong trait for someone to carry.



What do you like to do for fun? 

I love eating great food. Always loved adventuring, hiking, waterfalls and the beach, but recently I have found a new love of camping and just going off the grid.

What’s a motto you live by? 

Regret nothing, every experience is a lesson. Pretty much, I just like to make sure I always see the silver lining and the positives in situations. Even if something doesn’t turn out how I hoped, there is something to learn and take away from it. 



Are you a fan of winter?

I love winter! I love cuddling up under a blanket in front of a fire. I love going to the snow and going up the mountain.

What’s something you’d love to do but haven’t yet? 

I really want to go swimming with sharks. That’s one thing I’d love to tick off the bucket list. 

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