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Brisbane born and raised, Madi got her modelling break when she was contacted by a clothing brand on Instagram when she was just a teenager. From there, she was quickly picked up by an agency and the rest is history.

“My most memorable photoshoot was not long after I started modelling,” Madi says. “I did a shoot for a magazine that involved a really raunchy shot where I had a stiletto between a guy’s legs, right next to his crotch. I will never forget the fear in his eyes.”

In this shoot for Penthouse, shot by Troy Freyee, Madi poses in an American Chevy on a deserted back road overlooking the hills of Bangalow. “I really enjoy the aesthetic of vintage cars,” Madi tells Penthouse. “My goal in life is to own a vintage Chevrolet Camaro. They’re the sexiest vehicle.”

Madi loves being the behind the wheel, specifically when it comes to road trips. “I cannot stress how much I love tripping, especially with my girlfriends,” Madi says. “There’s nothing better than heading somewhere for the weekend with music blasting, terrible singing and snacks on hand, getting ready to hill at the beach or head to a festival.”

If you want to win this Aussie model over, take her for a date in the great outdoors. “If I were to go anywhere tomorrow, camping, hiking and snowboarding in Canada. Plus, Canadians are super hot.”

“I live for travel,” Madi says. “Every year I try to take a trip to somewhere I’ve never been for a few years.” Her biggest travel learning curve? “Let’s just say, never play drinking games in Mykonos or you’ll end up locked in a creepy hospital!”

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