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Photographer Cameron DavisKenzie Anne


I feel at my sexiest when I'm naked.


Even though we spent the majority of 2020 clawing at the walls to leave the house, this shoot featuring Kenzie Anne has given us a new appreciation for the great indoors. Shot by Cameron Davis at an infamous house in Pacific Palisades in California, known for being a hub where actors and actresses such as the iconic Marilyn Monroe used to rehearse and hang out, this 27-year-old cutie from California brings a bold, modern edge.







How did you get into modelling?

When I was 19, I was working as a hairdresser at a salon in California when an agent from scouted me for some commercial modelling. While agencies spent time encouraging a youthful, commercial look for me, I was always pushing the boundaries with sexy and edgier looks that my agents were never a fan of. Now that I represent myself, I’m so grateful to be in contact with brands like Penthouse, that emphasise the freedom of a woman’s sensual side.

What do you enjoy about erotic photography?

While I love fashion, when it comes to shooting, I feel my sexiest when I’m naked. Fashion always feels like I have someone else’s body or expression on. Whoever designed the clothing wants you to feel a certain way when you have it on, and while I can appreciate the art in it, it’s not my art. I’ve always done this thing called air bathing, where you spend time either in your house or in nature nude. It feels like how we are supposed to live.

Tell us your most memorable or wildest photoshoot moments? 

I shot at Convict Lake in Tahoe for a makeup company and there was a scene where two other girls and I ran into the lake and swam around. The water was so crisp and clear, and the air was so clean and fresh. It felt so authentic, even around new friends, and it was also captured beautifully. 

Tell us about your shoot for Penthouse with Cameron Davis.

We shot at a gorgeous house in Pacific Palisades in California. It was a house where actors spent time rehearsing and taking lessons, Marilyn Monroe being one of them. Cameron Davis has an incredibly artistic eye when it comes to the female body. While I love to move around in front of the camera, he has a talent at capturing the right frames. We had some cloud coverage that day, but Cameron managed to make the images come to life without the viewer ever guessing we had light challenges. 

What’s something about you that we might not expect? 

I did very well in school and achieved a degree in Natural Science, making the Dean’s List every semester. I keep my science books on my library shelf in my house to remind myself how capable I am of any goal I set my energy toward. I’m also a huge book worm to this day. 

What do you do when not working?

I love being outside with a book or working out. Pilates and pole dancing are my favourite form of exercise, but you can’t beat a walk with my lovely dog, Lola. 

What’s something you’d love to do but haven’t yet? 

I have a lot of traveling I’d like to partake in. I really need to get myself on some islands and swim in more oceans.

If we were to buy you a drink, what would we order for you? 

Give me a shot of Clase Azul Tequila! 

Follow Kenzie Anne on Instagram. Photography by Cams Journal.

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