Soaking Up The Desert Sun

Photographer JovaDeisy Leon


It’s liberating when I’m able to absorb the sun’s warm touch on my bare skin


Shot on a steamy day in the remote and rugged high desert of California’s Joshua Tree, the sight of Deisy Leon, nude and lit up by the sun only adds to the national park’s natural beauty. Penthouse spoke with the 24-year-old fine art nude model from Los Angeles about her Penthouse shoot with Jova, why she’s passionate about nude photography, and where she wants you to take her on a date.



How was your shoot for Penthouse?

Working with Jova is always a pleasure! We have a great connection when it comes to creating. We have very similar goals and inspirations, and it’s always fun shooting together.

What do you enjoy about nude photography? 

What I enjoy the most about nude photography is capturing the true beauty of the body. It’s liberating when I’m able to absorb the sun’s warm touch on my bare skin.

Have you always been comfortable being nude?

Yes, I have always loved my body and I’ve always been super confident in myself. Growing up, I was taught self-love, which has definitely helped.



What’s been your craziest photoshoot memory?

I once had a photoshoot with a 45kg Albino snake. It was my very first time seeing such a big snake in person! Thankfully it was a very friendly snake and the photoshoot went smoothly.

What type of person are you attracted to? 

Someone that is genuine, patient, loyal and that knows how to listen.

What’s your ideal first date look like?

Spending the evening by the beach listening to the waves and watching the sun set together.



What do you like to do for fun? 

I like to ride my penny board, roller skate on the beach and play hockey. I’m a passionate player so I give it my all.

What’s a motto you live by? 

Live on your own terms! You have no one but yourself at the end of the day so fuck what anyone says. 

What’s something you’d love to do but haven’t yet? 

I would love to travel the whole world at least once in my life. See new places, meet new people and eat new foods. 


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