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Being shot nude fuelled a confidence that couldn’t be matched.


When Lily Saffron’s long-term relationship ended, she took a subsequent wild trip around Europe she says empowered her to try modelling. Unsurprisingly, her career quickly took off and soon this ‘country girl’ from Perth was in hot demand by photographers around the world.



What draws you to erotic photography?

I grew up in a family of only women, so I have always been very comfortable in the nude. When I first started shooting, it was mainly swimwear and fashion, until I became more comfortable in my body, and I started to love the vulnerability of being nude. Being shot nude fuelled a confidence that couldn’t be matched. It was like the feeling of empowerment I got from taking control over my body was a high! I have had so many great character-shaping experiences from it. I’ve also had my fair share of awful experiences that have made me a very strong model and woman.

Tell us about your shoot with JWC.

I completely LOVED working with JWC. They initially contacted me on Instagram and it all flourished from there! They were professional and approachable and are now two people I hold dear to my heart! We shot this at Coogee beach, close to where the shipwreck is.



Do you prefer shooting in the studio or outdoors? 

Definitely outdoors!

What’s been your most memorable photoshoot so far?

Definitely when I flew to Bali and shot with my good friend Perry Winkle and five other models.

If you could shoot with anyone, anywhere, who and where would it be?

Wow, that is such a hard question! Probably in the Maldives and Danny Desantos.



How can a guy grab your attention?

Usually with a good joke, a sincere statement or intellectual conversation. 

What’s the ideal date for you?

Uber Eats in bed and a movie.

What do you like to do for fun?

Honestly, I love to garden, go to the beach or spend time with my family. 



What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Someone will always be smarter, prettier, richer, funnier than you, so only focus on you and how much you’ve grown.

What’s something you’d love to do but haven’t yet?

I would love to see snow! I was meant to see it in Canada this year but COVID-19 changed those plans!  

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