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Since 1965, Penthouse magazine has remained the definitive playbook for premium lifestyle content, pull-no-punch investigative journalism, and of course, our iconic art-nude photography.

These days, Penthouse is dedicated to continuing to showcase elegant, tasteful and artistic nude photography, featuring a diverse range of women from around the world.

The Penthouse model is strong, sensual and confident. She is the perennial girl-next-door, the muse, the iconic cover girl.

The incredible women who graced the covers of Penthouse in the early days were the “it girls” for their day, the influencers of their generation and today’s iconic feminists, like: Madonna, Blondie, Vanessa Williams and Jane Fonda. While the Penthouse cover girl has always been undeniably beautiful, her desirability has always been closely linked to her ambitious and open-minded attitude.

We are seeking today’s generation of gorgeous, self-confident, driven women to feature in Penthouse.

Penthouse features a diversity of women, spanning a various range of body sizes and shapes, skin colours and ages. We refuse to promote unhealthy body images, the infantilisation of women, or perpetuate sexism.

Penthouse models are never objectified – rather, she is idolised. Models are always interviewed, promoted, supported and held in the highest regard.

Our female-fronted model management team have created a safe space where models can discuss their desired level of nudity, sensuality and their personal comfort zones, always in a closed-set environment.

If you think you have what it takes to be featured in Penthouse, send us your photos for a chance to be considered.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email within six months and your application will be deleted if unsuccessful. We ask that agencies with prospective clients contact our talent manager rather than use this portal.

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Submit a shoot to Penthouse


We welcome submissions from other photographers who are looking to get their work published by Penthouse magazine.

Penthouse features a diversity of women, spanning a variety of body sizes and shapes, skin colours and ages.

We refuse to promote unhealthy body images, the infantilisation of women, or perpetuate sexism.

We prefer shoots that require minimal retouching, allowing the raw, unaltered beauty of the model to shine.

We source photography to suit moods and seasons, creating a broad spectrum of beauty throughout each issue.

We like shoots are evocative, cheeky, edgy, playful, artistic or sexual. We are always on the lookout for creative and unique shoots with beautiful women.

Each issue of Penthouse includes three shoots from Australia or abroad, which are: Uncovered, Muse and Art of the Nude.

Although we prefer to pre-plan content in advance, we do purchase additional shoots throughout the year if we feel they add something special to each issue.

We are currently taking submissions of work for 2021 and 2022.

Before submitting, please follow our guidelines below:

  • Content must fit the Penthouse reader.
  • Please look at the Model Galleries on our website and our Instagram to understand our vision before submitting.
  • Submissions should include 20 images in total - including 6 retouched images (low resolution preferred) and 14 untouched images. Please include at least one full nude and one implied nude.
  • Please include your details where we can see more of your work, as well as the model’s name and Instagram details.

Successful submissions will be contacted via email within 6 months. Your application will be deleted if unsuccessful.



Another way to get your work featured by Penthouse, is in our InFocus section.

Over the past 40 years, Penthouse has gone through many incarnations, but our vision has always been to celebrate the art of the nude. We want to educate readers in the difference between art and porn; celebration and appreciation versus objectification.

Each issue of Penthouse features an InFocus, where we put the focus on the talent behind the lens.

The InFocus features an interview with a photographer about their work, accompanied by a selection of the photographer’s favourite works.

We print four InFocus articles per year and upload 16 to the Penthouse website.

If you would like to get in touch, please email complete the contact form.

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